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KS4 Science

In Year 9 students study transition units in biology, chemistry and physics unit which prepares them for their GCSEs. After Christmas, year 9 students begin their GCSEs. Some students will take a Triple Science pathway, receiving six lessons a week. Whereas others will go down the combined Science pathway, receiving four lessons a week and covering biology, chemistry and physics units.

Combined Science students are taught over four lessons a week. They cover biology, physics and chemistry content within their lessons and are assessed at the end of Year 11. Combined science students will gain two qualifications in science, which will is an amalgamation of all three specialisms. Final assessments of combined science will be 100% exam based; practical will take the form of required practicals delivered within lessons.

Students who are directed to the Triple Science pathway complete a GCSE in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. They spend six lessons in Science, receiving two lessons in each subject per week, taught by a specialist teacher. Like combined students, they complete required practicals within their lessons which they will be asked about within the exam.